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It’s Nerf darts or nothing for these slick new blasters

The first four Nerf N-Series blasters shipped to reviewers.

When I was a kid, “It’s Nerf or nothing” meant you couldn’t find a better dart blaster. Starting today, it means you’ll have to buy Hasbro’s own overpriced darts if you buy Hasbro blasters for your kids.

The company is revealing its new Nerf N-Series lineup today, and a new “N1” dart it’s calling “the future” of the Nerf brand — a future where Hasbro blasters for 8- to 14-year-olds only fire Hasbro darts that cost three to five times the competition. Lose a dart? That’ll be 25 cents, because only official darts have the patented nub that pushes a safety mechanism out of the way.

Nerf says it literally built 1,000 different darts to get the range, accuracy, and safety it wanted.
The integral nub…

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